Do you ever feel like no matter what you say or how you say it someone is angry and triggered by you?

Do you ever feel by the very nature of who you are upsets others?

Do you ever feel like it would be safer to just keep your mouth shut?
Or perhaps simply just not exist?

Do you ever feel like what you say lands for some people in a powerful and profound way but the exact same thing that resonated and empowered one person hurts and triggers someone else?

Do you get attacked when you speak your truth?

Do people cut you off?
Interrupt you?
Criticize you?
Shut you down
And tell you that you are too much.

That you should tone it down.
You have too much to say.
You are too emotional.
Too sensitive.
Or too something??

And every time you step into your power and speak your truth....someone shuts you down?

If you resonate with any of this...
I want you to know that I understand completely and here is the deal...

It takes courage to speak truth.
It takes a certain amount of trust in yourself to be who you are.
It takes confidence to be what is called a tall poppy in New Zealand.
It takes belief in your own passion, your message, and takes strength of spirit to believe in your voice.

As far as I can tell it is the conviction and complete belief in the truth of the leader within that propels us forward in a way that is powerful and unstoppable.

Others will not make it safe for you. That is not their job.
Its your job to make it safe for you.

But here is what I have learned so far....

Speaking truth and being a leader and change agent is not about being safe.

You WILL BE too much for some people.

What you have to say will land differently for everyone as we all have our own pain, our own triggers, our own beliefs, different programming...and different cultural differences.

If you are a change agent, or any kind of a transformational coach or leader...then at times you will upset people.

If you upset the apple cart and trigger others then you are doing what any good leader is meant to do.
Within the triggers are the gifts/treasures and growth.

However, not everyone is ready to grow and not everyone wants truth.

At times you will appear to be "too sensitive" especially to those who have shut down that part inside of them.

When you speak up for your may highlight the lack in others to speak up for themselves.

When you upset the apple cart by calling out social, cultural, or family dynamics that are no longer working,
then a few things can happen....either it is acknowledged and healing takes place..(however this takes a high level of consciousness) or the ego reacts/defends and fights to make you wrong.

This is the point.
You get to make the choice....Are you going to keep yourself wrapped up like a mummy in duct tape?
Frozen with fear of being who you are?
Fear of stepping outside the framework that is known.
Too afraid to live your life out of the box of what might be socially, culturally except-able?
Are you going to stay shut down so you don't rock the boat?
Are you going to speak out of two sides of your face and never take a stance as you want to please everyone?

Or are you going to transform from your cocoon into the freedom and strength of who you really are?

I had an image of myself wrapped in duct tape not able to speak or move. Frozen with fear of being who I am in a certain kind of self isolation duct tape prison of safety.

We get the choice to choose fear or love.
We get to choose to live in the bondage of our own fear and limitations or break free from the trappings of our own limitations.

The wonder woman costume above is made of duct tape and represents to me the transformational process of transforming our wounds into our strengths.

I am currently working with transforming one of my core beliefs...
"It is not safe to speak my truth"
And I am transforming it into the belief....
"I powerfully speak my truth."

I feel brave today.

Here is my truth:

Since I stepped into the role of leader...I have been made fun of, criticized, belittled, blamed, shamed, I have been gossiped about, threatened, bullied, I have even had a competitor make up lies about me so they can try and ruin my reputation. I have had sticks and stones thrown at me. I have been attacked physically, emotionally, and psychically.

I have (metaphorically speaking) had my head chopped off, been burned at the stake, and nailed to a few crosses.

And here I am still alive and thriving....Like the phoenix I have rose up out of the ashes again and again.
Truth always prevails.
LOVE, TRUTH, AND KINDNESS always will win.

Sometimes, it takes time but truth always finds its way.
Attention goes where energy flows.

Manifesting my most abundant life in Sweden with a kick ass family that loves me completely.
I am blessed as I live a life built on truth, gratitude, grace, and a whole lot of doing my absolute best.

Every single time someone tries to take me down and I stand in the truth of who I am... I become stronger.
And stronger...
More confident.
More solid,
More and more abundant.


I know who I am and who I am not.
I know the very nature of the light and power within me shines a light on the shadow of human consciousness.

I understand that when I love myself completely.
This self love threatens those who do not.
When I am confident and shine my light this can bring up insecurity in others.
When I see into people and they feel seen either they love it or they feel threatened by the very nature of being seen.

I am realizing that I do not need to take on what is not mine.
And that is OK for people to be where they are.
Not everyone is ready for truth or transformation.
These are not my people.
And that is OK.

A have also come to understand those that are ready to love themselves.
Those that are ready to look at there own shadow.
Those that are ready, truly ready to transform from the inside out are my people.

People that can truly see me for who I am and not some distorted image of their own distorted beliefs, fears, and projections are the people I want in my life.

And those that are brave enough to look in the mirror and acknowledge their own demons and are tired of pointing fingers at others and actually self examine who they are, who they are not and are willing to let go of old programs and old beliefs that no longer serve their highest good....are the people I want to work with and serve.

I choose to align myself with those are ready to Transform from the Inside out.
I choose to speak my truth with love, kindness and compassion.
Those that are aligned with what I have to teach and are ready to truly transform and Manifest An Abundant Life are my tribe of people
and by law of attraction I bring my tribe to me now.
And so be it.
And so it is.

Namaste and abundant blessings

If your ready to transform and learn more about Manifesting your most Abundant Life....I would love to hear from you!


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