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Do you ever feel like no matter what you say or how you say it someone is angry and triggered by you?
Do you ever feel by the very nature of who you are upsets others?
Do you ever feel like it would be safer to just keep your mouth shut? Or perhaps simply just not exist?
Do you ever feel like what you say lands for some people in a powerful and profound way but the exact same thing that resonated and empowered one person hurts and triggers someone else?
Do you get attacked when you speak your truth?
Do people cut you off? Interrupt you? Criticize you? Shut you down And tell you that you are too much.
That you should tone it down. You have too much to say. You are too emotional. Too sensitive. Or too something??
And every time you step into your power and speak your truth....someone shuts you down?

If you resonate with any of this... I want you to know that I understand completely and here is the deal...
It takes courage to speak truth. It takes a certain amount of trust in yourself to be who you are. It …

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