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Transform Wounds into Wisdom, and Wisdom into superpowers.

Transform Wounds into Wisdom, and Wisdom into superpowers.

So what do I mean when I say, “I help people transform wounds into wisdom and wisdom into superpowers?”

Let's start out with the question...What is a wound?

When you fall down and hurt your knee.. It hurts, it bleeds, and it then scabs over. In time it heals and most often we forget all about it as the body has this incredible ability to heal  and the mind moves on. But sometimes the wounds are much bigger, and deeper, and sometimes the body is not able to completely heal and we are left with a scar. The scar reminds us of the time we fell down and hurt our knee. Even more so we tend to remember the times it hurt the most. However, sometimes the mind will forget the event completely.

When I speak about wounds, I am however not talking about physical wounds, but emotional wounds. In some ways they are similar. When our feelings get hurt we might “feel” emotionally wounded for a few days or perhaps months, or years, but eventual…

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