My true high vibe...."Authenticity."

Are you feeling Emotional?

Are you not liking what you see?
And not enjoying what you feel right now?

Are you feeling sad?
Do you feel depressed?

I want you all to know that you are not alone.

There is a lot going on right now.
You also may be feeling into the collective energy and the collective shadow.

Here is what you can do to take care of yourself:

Ask yourself if these emotions are yours or are you feeling into collective consciousness?
Its important to know which ones are yours and which ones you are compassionately taking on and in.
If they are not yours let them go with love.
Set them free.
Send kindness and blessings of love and peace to the world and all that are struggling right now.

If they are yours own them.
Feel them.
Honor them.
Fall in love with them.
Ask them what they need to feel heard?
What do they need to be seen and understood?

Journal or dance them in your living room.
Turn up the music loud and do your angry dance...or your sad dance.
Do an angry stomp in the forest.
Feel these emotions completely.

Decide if you need to discharge (release) Punch a pillow, Do some kickboxing, some breath work, some screaming if you need to.
If you want to say something to someone but you know you cant....write them a letter and then burn it. 
Write down everything your angry about and then burn it.
This is called a write and burn.
If its 3 pages of swear words...that's OK,
Get it out.
And then burn it.
Keep doing this until the anger is manageable or hopefully releases.

Do some gardening...Pull those weeds out and plant some flowers. 
Be the change you want to see. 

Or can you use this charge to your advantage?
Anger is not bad...its what we do with it that matters.

Anger can be great as it is the fire energy that gets things done, makes things happen.
Own it.
Love it.
Channel it.
You can use this charge to clean your house, do some baking, clean the garage.
Allow this energy (charge) to move through you and use it for making things happen.

Being authentic with our emotions is sooooo important.

Children before they are socialized and programmed....feel their emotions fully and completely.
That is why they can have a full meltdown (tantrum) and 5 minutes later they are happy and full of joy.

I see too many "spiritual folk" spiritually bypassing their emotions because they need to "be high vibe" in order to be spiritual.

Sorry folks but this just does not work....and this is partly why the spiritual community is sick.

Honor your feelings.
Authenticity is my "new high vibe".....

Be authentic with every emotion and then when you are in a happy place your "high vibe will actually be real" and then you will truly be authentically happy.

There are many reasons to be feeling all of your emotions right now.

Nurture yourself.
Be kind to yourself,
Love yourself.
Take a bath.
Send yourself love.
Call a friend that you love.
Connect with yourself and others.

Be there for yourself as you would a small child that was struggling.
We all have an inner child that needs our love and support.

Because you were truly able to hold sacred space for yourself and all of your authentic feelings, you will then be able to support others that are struggling.

Love and abundant blessings


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