Love your shadow and your light. Have your own back and be true to yourself.
Manifesting An Abundant Life is not always easy but it is worth it.
I promise.

Last year was an incredible year of dreams coming true. I manifested my biggest and most powerful dreams and at the same time had to confront my shadow, my self limiting beliefs and break through my own abundance blocks.

It was my dream to host Anodea Judith for her 5 day Chakra Therapy training in Wellington, New Zealand. I asked her to come and within one year it manifested. Not only that but she stayed with me and we traveled together. We ended up spending the entire time together as we bonded deeply, soulfully. Anodea told me that she believes in me and knows that my work as a healer, and therapist is deep, powerful, and effective.
Talk about Instantly affirming one's own self worth!
We had 35 participants in the training and it went 100% better than I thought it would go. It was incredibly powerful and everyone had a hugely transformational experience. It was absolute magic. Not only that but I also put on The Global Heart Awakens talk with Anodea which was about Global warming, and a fundraiser for the Amazon. We raised $500 and Anodea matched this so we raised $1,000 towards a cause that is very close to my heart.I performed in it as well as put the whole event together.
I successfully ran all three events within one week! It was a huge amount of work but it was also soooo rewarding and it was all an absolute dream come true on every level.
It was also my dream to run a Manifesting retreat in Bal. I made that dream a reality last year as well. It was my dream to manifest buying my favorite hybrid Lexus, run powerful and life changing workshops, transformational goddess circles and life changing one on one healing session, and it was also my dream to live in Europe and now we are here. I also said just a few days ago I would like to meet Greta Thurburn and I just met her this last week at a climate change march!
So, I know I am a very, very powerful manifestor...I know what I want. And I use all my chakras magic to make my dreams come true!
I am a master at consciously creating an abundant life of my dreams. And I say this with confidence and awareness, not arrogance. I am currently extremely happy and content. I truly and completely love who I am. I do not mean this in a narcissistic way as I know I'm not better than anyone else and I certainly know I'm not the most beautiful or the smartest. However, I am just simply happy to be the beautiful soul that I am living in the temple in which I dwell. I know I'm not perfect but I also know that I am. Perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect. I have a great relationship with the love of my life, two beautiful children I adore, and on the material level, I have soooo much abundance. My cup is full and overflowing. I am feeling grateful and pleased with who I am, and what I have created. I know I am worthy of it all and actually know I'm worthy to receive even more! I truly am tapped in, Tuned in, turned on, and living my most abundant life of my dreams.
However, last year was also full of very BIG challenges along the way....and I want to share the shadow side that is not seen or talked about. As a lightworker I only ever want to spread the good news.
I feel there is way too much bad and negative news out there and so I only want to stay on the positive side so that I can inspire.
However, there is light and dark in every story. There are always ups and downs. This is the human experience of living a life in a world of duality.
Of course no one ever wants to hear the darker side of life but I also don't want you to be in illusion that my life is perfect as it is not and I also am not perfect.
Manifesting and creating your life on purpose comes with responsibility, hard work, and consequences on my different levels.
My intention on sharing these stories with you is my attempt and hope to help you feel empowered.
You are not alone. We ALL struggle.
When one comes into their power not only do you change but all relationships also have to change. The foundations get shaken up, rules change, and this growth spurt sometimes has growth pains.
I had to close many doors to friendships and personal relationships that were no longer serving my highest and best good personally and professionally. It was a huge year of personal growth, and learning personal boundaries.Even the relationship with my life partner had to change, in the way that we communicate and relate with each other.
It was painful and it was emotionally difficult on many levels and at the time there were moments that I was not sure I was doing the right thing.
I had been "the nice girl". I was a doormat, pushover, and allowed other people to bully me and take advantage of me. Because I always wanted "to be nice" and not hurt anyone...to my own personal detrimate. I ended up getting very sick. When your body gets sick then you know change is not an option but an absolute imperative push onto the healing path screaming at you…”LEVEL UP”!!!
I did not know how to defend myself at first and when I stepped into my power and established boundaries it became clear that I would need to make some big life changes in order to live a healthy and joy filled life of happiness and there was really no way around it but to cut off unhealthy energetic ties.
At that point in my life, never before had I unfriended anyone from facebook nor had really stood up for myself. I didn't want to "make waves". I was all peace, love, happiness, and everyone is my friend until of course the rose colored glasses were removed and I started to see that not everyone was my friend or had my best wishes in mind.
At the time it was scary. It was painful. It was uncomfortable. And I did doubt myself in many ways.
Wellington is small after all and everyone knows everyone. I will never forget one of the first times I chose to stand my ground and have my own back with someone who was disrespecting my own personal boundaries...She actually said to me..."You're making a big mistake...I know everyone in Wellington!"....I was shocked as all I did was ask for what I needed kindly so that I felt safe and had my own self respect in place, and instead of being met with respect and kindness I was threatened and bullied by her!
I was shocked. I must admit I did not respond. I reacted and immediately unfriended her in absolute self protection mode.
I remember feeling with my heart that I had made a good decision to stand my ground and speak my truth but perhaps it was not the best decision for my business. I was confused at the time as part of me still bought into the belief that it wasn't a good way to "build a business". It didn't help that she tried to business coach me (unsolicited by her afterwards!)
The old paradigm belief is that for building a business, one must know how to play “the game.”
But here is the deal….I don't like to play games. And in fact I hate all that bullshit. That's why I did not choose to be a lawyer, or a politician. I'm a healer and change agent.I have high ideals based on truth, honesty, love, integrity, and authenticity!
I know now it was exactly the way I want to build my life and my business. I want a life of integrity, truth, respect, love, and alignment with my heart and my soul. My business model is different from the old paradigm of doing business as I have a soul business and I have to be true to myself as this is the foundation that my soul business is built.
Looking back now I know without any doubt that I had to clear the energetic field around me and create a ...healthy space in order for the relationships that really do uplift me and support my highest good to energetically to be able to come in.
When unhealthy doors close, healthy doors open. It's all about energetic alignment. It's all about what is bringing you into your true alignment. What supports your growth in your highest good.
Imagine you are a tree in a forest.
Is the soil in which your tree is growing supporting you?
Are you getting enough sun? Enough shade?
Are your trees in your forest taking away from your nutrients? Or are they providing nourishment for your tree to grow in a healthy way?
Are the other trees shading your tree so that you can't get enough sunshine or are they like a community of support reaching up towards the sunshine with you and inspiring new growth?
With every door I closed...a new door opened.
A much, MUCH BETTER door!!!
A door to my Heaven on Earth.
And now...energetically and physically I bring in nothing but beautiful souls as I am literally living in a new energetic paradigm.
I quantum jumped by cutting away all the deadwood that was not supporting my highest good and letting go of people and energy/belief systems, etc in my life that was sucking the life out of me and poisoning my garden.
My tree has rich fertile soil now and I have a community of healthy thriving trees that stretch up towards the light with me and always inspire new growth with love and support.
I know without any doubt that clearing out the energetic deadwood from my physical and energetic field was exactly what I needed to do and I am now living and thriving in a New Paradigm of energetic relationships that support me to be who I am.
If you are ready to Manifest Your Most Abundant Life please get in touch. I have brought my business online and I am very happy to say that I have had my first Online client work with me via FB messenger and it was AMAZING! Energy is energy no matter how many miles away I am also right here for you. Our session was beautiful and intimate. In some ways it was even more powerful than an in person session. As it's all about working with energy!
I'm also very, very excited to offer two online courses coming up and am offering them in NZD prices as well as offering early bird registration.
I will be doing my Belief Coaching Certification with Lion Goodman and Chakra Level 2 in April and June, and so when both of my online courses start up I will have completed this training and will have many new tools in my tool box! I look forward to seeing you all in my energetic virtual online playground!!!!
I look forward to seeing you Online!!!!

Abundant Blessings

Schamet Horsfield


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