Transform Wounds into Wisdom, and Wisdom into superpowers.

Transform Wounds into Wisdom, and Wisdom into superpowers.

So what do I mean when I say, “I help people transform wounds into wisdom and wisdom into superpowers?”

Let's start out with the question...What is a wound?

When you fall down and hurt your knee.. It hurts, it bleeds, and it then scabs over. In time it heals and most often we forget all about it as the body has this incredible ability to heal  and the mind moves on. But sometimes the wounds are much bigger, and deeper, and sometimes the body is not able to completely heal and we are left with a scar. The scar reminds us of the time we fell down and hurt our knee. Even more so we tend to remember the times it hurt the most. However, sometimes the mind will forget the event completely.

When I speak about wounds, I am however not talking about physical wounds, but emotional wounds. In some ways they are similar. When our feelings get hurt we might “feel” emotionally wounded for a few days or perhaps months, or years, but eventually time heals most wounds. 

We forgive, make amends and we move forward. However, some wounds leave emotional scars and some even leave lasting trauma. If the trauma is life threatening we sometimes even block those memories out completely. This is a protection mechanism that is hardwired into us subconsciously in order to survive....and move forward.

And we do move forward.. However,  sometimes “buried” emotional wounds can leave emotional scars that can then affect the rest of our lives and sometimes affect us without us even knowing it. 

These emotional wounds can affect our relationships personally and professionally on the conscious and subconscious levels….running in the background sabotaging the life that we truly want to create.

When we are truly ready to heal ...our mind/body/spirit will allow us to remember and become aware of the wounds in which have been under the surface or what some call “in the shadows of the psyche.” 

When we are truly ready to listen to these wounds, and choose to become aware of what our wounds are.
Why are they there?
Where did they come from and what they want to share with us?…
WIth awareness and support and a whole lot of self love  we can truly begin our healing journey.

It is usually when we find ourselves stuck in an ongoing pattern, that we become aware that there may be a wound that needs healing.

I am personally a firm believer that we can turn these emotional scars “wounds” into our greatest strengths. I believe this because not only have I done it for myself but I have also helped support my clients in moving from wounds to wisdom and wisdom to superpowers.

I had a client that hated to cook. She always ate out. She also had a fear of fire.  She also would feel overwhelming anxiety when children were in the kitchen.
When she was a baby she was burned quite badly when her mom was cooking however she had not made this connection until working with me. She realized that her dislike and fear that had been with her for years was subconsciously running in the background for most of her life. She was quite surprised that this did not even occur to her that this was an issue until the day she decided she wanted to cook.

The first step is always awareness. And then there is the choice to want to work through it. Whatever the “Block” may be….the body, mind, and spirit wants to protect you so it will remember when it feels safe to consciously remember and move through it.

After years of eating out she decided that she actually really wanted to learn to cook and with my help and support she moved through this block and now not only loves to cook but she is really good at it. She said to me that because of the wound she is very aware and safe when using fire in all aspects.

She did  feel anxiety, fear, and many emotions came up however she was able to move through these emotions and blocks successfully with support and encouragement.

It is my belief that she has the potential to be one of  the best cooks on the planet if she wanted to be. She has respect for the element of fire, and has a healthy caution that keeps herself and others safe when cooking. 

When you befriend your fear and master it, instead of allowing it to master you...You are able to step into harnessing this energy in a powerful way that builds confidence. This confidence then creates passion and determination, resilience, and your conscious creative ability to manifest your most abundant life starts to really take flight. 

You can apply this analogy to everything. Relationships with people, money, sex, and your relationship with yourself.

I have one more example and this is my own personal story…
Over 20 years ago I manifested my husband as I wanted my true love/soulmate/life partner and I manifested him very quickly! However, the very thing I wanted most also scared me the most and so I had some very big wounds to protect. I told him I would never marry him and I would never have children. Because of my wounds I put out a tough exterior protection energy of Independence and strength that actually was pushing away the very life I wanted. 

My childhood experience was full of unhappy marriages and traumatic divorce stories. My father and mother went through an unhappy marriage and a ugly divorce and so did both sets of aunt and uncles that were dear to me, and so what I grew up with was the damage and wounds of watching unhealthy love and marriages fail. 

These deep wounds definitely affected me however eventually they became my wisdom, and my superpowers….as I now work with helping people have healthy relationships!  

My wounds made me super aware of not getting into an unhealthy relationship and they made me very discerning. The wounds also protected me in that I took things slow and made sure to move at the pace that was healthy for me. The wounds also inspired me to work on myself. take classes, workshops, read books,dive deep into my own personal healing, go to a counselor when I need it, and learn to love myself. 

I did marry this man...and he is the love of my life. We have been together since 1998, happily married, two beautiful children, and as it happens I love being married and I love being a mom.

My wounds keep me aware, sharp, and encourage me to know as much as I can about how to make a marriage work. Because Of what I went through it made me aware, and hypervigilant about making sure I did, and do everything I can to make my marriage and parenting as  successful as I can. 

Because of my wounds...I have become a better person. Because of the ability to feel into, and listen to the wisdom of my wounds I have been able to turn them into my greatest strengths, assets...and transform them into my superpowers. 

Because I know how to do this for myself and know exactly how it works I can now help others transform their wounds into wisdom and their wisdom into their superpowers!

If you would like support in transforming your wounds into wisdom, and your wisdom into superpowers please get in touch and I would love to work with you!

Love and Abundant Blessing

Schamet Horsfield


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